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I started this weblog so I could have a way to remember our year of building this house and so that our family and friends could follow along.

It actually ended up taking two years (and counting). We are living in the house now but there are a million details to finish up.

We built the house ourselves with the help of family and friends and two contractors, a concrete guy for the foundation and some shifty sheet rock hangers. Everything else we did ourselves.

We had little to no experience in any of this, just a keen will to do it and a supportive group of friends and family.

During the construction I still had to commute an hour and a half each way to my little jewelry shop but since we moved in I closed the shop.

I stay home now and do odd and assorted things for income like ebay, farmers markets with quilts and jewelry and I teach jewelry making to kids.

I am also a bird lover and am really enjoying the abundance of wild birds at our new home. I spent years as a bird keeper at N.W. Wild fowl and Washington Zoological Part and I have been a volunteer keeper at Woodland Park zoo. I really have missed that so the birds and critters here are such a joy to me. I've added chickens to our family and I am loving them, they are such fun to watch and they have the added benefit of providing breakfast.

My husband is an engineer and he also teaches math and does stand up comedy. We have no kids, two mini dachsunds a parrot and a part time cat.

I love music of all kinds and I enjoy playing the guitar.

I perfer to stay out of politics as most of my friends are fairly liberal and I am just a little right of center. I have military in both my side and my husband's side of the family-Army and Navy.

I am also a geek girl. I enjoy my computer and am addicted to this blogging thing. I love every thing techy.

That's about it. If you have come by for a visit I hope you enjoy yourself.