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  • How about a little history.
    I started this blog in 2003. It was to be all about our experience in house building. It's been an amazing journey. Sometimes I look around and I can't believe we acutally built this house and when I say we I mean we. Myself, my husband, his cousin Russ, our Dads and assorted friends and other relatives. We did hire a contractor to pour our foundation and we had a horrible experience with some drywallers but otherwise it was all us. We have been in the house for three years now. There is still a pile of trim in the living room and a bathroom unfinished and a few odd and assorted doors missing but we are getting there. There is a lot of valuable information on house building here so while my posts are more about living in our dream house you can still search my archives for posts on every aspect of house building. So? Are we there yet? Nearly. We still need doors and trim inside.......some flooring and tiling needs to be done so stay tuned-we'll get there.

Deck Building Party

  • Rick and susan
    Sunday the 12th was David's birthday and he asked for a deck building birthday party. We had lots of friends show up and got a lot done.

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April 04, 2009



what a beautiful post. and i love the new blog design (i have been reading through bloglines for a while, so i'm not sure when you actually redesigned it - but it looks great!)

barb wright

I agree. The colors are wonderful and that was a very nice post and the pictures were great as usual.

Lee Virden DuBose

Thank you so much! Rachel would be so happy that you planted these trees and would be amazed that you would do it to honor her memory. I hope we can see them when we are there later this month!

Edith van Doorn

I don't know you, or didn't know Rachel, but I found this blog after some googling, and I feel I have to let you know that I read this (it feels a bit like intruding). However, I just wanted to say that I think this is a wonderful thing you've done for Rachel, and a remarkable, inspiring way to honour her, and literally keeping her soul alive. Bless you.

Regards, Edith

Lily Virden

This is extremely thoughtful and such a wonderful idea. Extremely kind for this to be done in memory of dear Rachel. Very touching....

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